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10 Best Blogging Niche Ideas That Are Most Profitable In 2023

Best 10 blogging niche ideas that are most profitable to start blogging in 2023.
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We all know that blogging is one of the most profitable online earning sources, which does not require investing much money. You can quickly start writing a blog using the Blogger and WordPress platform with your domain. But it sounds like something is missing right now.

The main thing you should do before starting your blogging is to choose the right niche idea or category for your blog. Because after Google Helpful Content Updates, it is important to focus on one niche or category to bring organic traffic to your blog.

Now the question is, which niche idea is best for the good future of your blog? To solve this question our today's blog article is about the top 10 trending and profitable blogging niche ideas that you can use to get high organic traffic and grow your blog.

How to pick a profitable blog niche?

Assuming that you want to create a blog with the intention of making money, the best way to choose a niche idea is to think about what topics you are passionate about. From there, you can start your research and make a list of all the topics you know something about. There are a few things you can check before choosing any niche idea for your blog:

1Are people searching for information on your topic online?
2Do you have any personal experience on that niche topic?
3Does it have low competition with a high search volume?
4Your niche is a popular topic on social media and in magazines?

If you can answer yes to most of these questions, then your niche idea has potential and is worth pursuing as a blogging platform. You should also check the below list to choose the best niche for your blog. But make sure you choose a niche in which you have personal experience to write down something.

Top 10 Blogging Niche Ideas

1. Celebrity News

Celebrity News Blog is one of the most popular and trending blog niche ideas. If you have interested in movies and comedy so this niche is the best option for you. Many people search for their favorite celebrities like the star cast of movies on the internet and hence this topic is always in limelight. You can also see that most of the top searches on Google Trends are related to celebrity news or activity.

If you want to stand out in this niche, you will need to offer something unique. For example, you can focus on a specific celebrity or group of celebrities, or you can focus on a specific type of celebrity news. You can also focus on a combination of both.

2. Cooking Recipes

Cooking recipes is another popular blog niche idea with moderate competition and high search volume. Many people search for new recipes and food items daily on the internet to make their breakfast, lunch, and dinner tasty. You can provide new and interesting food recipes on your blog so that people come to your blog to learn how to cook something new.

But you have to provide unique dishes with interesting ideas to be popular with the crowd. For this, you can work on many ideas, like giving recipe books, PDF notes, uploading videos and images on your blog, etc. Your cooking passion is also important to increase your blog audience.

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3. Healthcare Blog

After the covid pandemic, people are searching for health guides or home health remedies on the internet. So if you know the medical industry or home health care related ideas then you can take advantage of it for your blog. You can discuss various diseases and provide easy home remedies for your visitors on your blog.

The competition in this category of the blog is less but you need to work hard to stand out on the internet as a good health guide. But before starting blogging make sure you have proper knowledge about this category.

4. Gaming Updates And News

Gaming is one of the fastest-growing categories on the Internet. There are so many games now available on Play Store and App Store which people love to play and hence they allow bloggers to write blogs on them. You can write your blog on new gaming updates and esports news as a lot of gaming lovers search for that on the internet.

Also, game updates and review blogs are good options for getting traffic from organic searches. If you are interested in gaming then you can start writing a blog on this topic but keep in mind that this topic gives less CPC than other categories. That's why you have to bring traffic to your blog in millions to make good earnings.

5. Tech Gadgets

The tech gadgets blog niche is one of my favorite blogging ideas because it is so informative and interesting to write about. You can write about new technical gadgets and new technology in your blog which many people search for.

Also, blogs working on this type of niche get high ranks in the Google Discover section and Google News app because people like to read such blogs very much. You can also take information about such new gadgets from YouTube videos and show them in your blog, which will make your blog even more interesting.

6. Learning Platform

An online learning platform blog is a very good option because many students and professors keep searching for online blogs for their school and college studies. You can provide them with study materials and explain different study topics according to your interest.

Blogging is a great way to make your online study platform provide tutorials and material in text and image form. After the pandemic this category getting more search volume because of online learning. This is a very big blog niche so you can write any one specific part of the study like the computer or maths.

7. Products Review

There are many people who buy products from online platforms like Amazon. Hence another profitable blogging niche is the product review blog. You can create your blog to write reviews on different products like mobiles and laptops. You must use product images and a table of features in your blog post to make it more easier to read.

A product review blog is a great way to generate income from affiliate marketing. But make sure you follow Google product review guidelines for writing your blog articles to get organic traffic and only write reviews on products that you are passionate about.

8. Personal Finance

Nowadays every person needs good guidance for saving their money and for financial management. That is why many people keep looking for a good personal finance learning source on platforms like Google and YouTube. If you have good knowledge about finance then you can take advantage of it by starting your own finance blog.

You can give money-saving tips and guidance on how to manage your financial situation in your blog. In this Niche, if you keep publishing good blog articles without stopping for some time, then you can easily get top ranking. Make sure you write your finance blog article after doing research because if you do not get good user attention then Google will never suggest your blog in results.

9. Songs Lyrics

People love to learn the exact words of their favorite songs and this gives us another chance to build a profitable blog. Song Lyrics Blog publishes song lyrics with exact words. When a new song is released, many people search for its lyrics to learn the song.

You can start publishing trending and new song lyrics on your blog. You do not need any specialty to start blogging in this niche because writing songs is very easy and everyone likes to listen to songs. But you have to stay updated and publish new song lyrics first to get more traffic and avoid copyright. It is difficult to get the approval of Ad Networks on such a blog but if there is more traffic on your blog then you can earn money in other ways.

10. Money Making Tips

Money making tips blog growth booms during the pandemic. Many people look for online money making tips to generate their side income. You can make your blog on this topic if you know online money-making skills like blogging and content creation.

The best content to write on this topic is to give knowledge about various money-making skills like blogging and affiliate marketing. But keep in mind that there is huge competition in this blogging field so you will need to do something unique for others to make your blog popular.


We have given you a list of the top most popular and profitable blogging niche ideas so that you can choose any one niche from them. But you should keep one thing in your mind any type of blog requires at least 6 to 8 months to grow, which means that consistency is very important. I hope you got some benefit from our blog and if you have any queries related to this topic then feel free to comment to us.

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