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What Is The Best Image Size For A Blog Website

Best image size for blog website. Learn the importance of image size in your blog content with the most helpful guide.
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Images are the biggest part of any blog content which makes the blog content more impactful. If you are a blogger, then at some point you must have got the question that what is the best image size for your blog. So today we will answer this question in this blog post.

Why image size is important for blog?

If you want to get millions of traffic to your blog then you cannot depend only on search traffic you need to work on image traffic as well. You must have noticed that when we search on Google for a blog so most of the images in the image search have the same resolution.

Best Blog Image Size

This means that our blog image resolution is also important for image ranking. For example, if someone searches for a product review like mobile then image results show vertical images but when we search for food or education blogs the images are in the horizontal size. So if you optimize your images according to search engine results then your image traffic will surely increase.

Images visually explain your blog content to the readers and that is why they should be relevant to your content. But if your image size is not optimized properly then it will reduce the performance and user experience of your website. So all bloggers should be aware of image optimization and the proper size of blog images.

Best image size for blog

As per my 2 years of blogging experience, horizontal images have more chances to rank on top image results than vertical images. So you should use at least one horizontal image in your blog content. Now the question is which image resolution is good for our blog? Here are some image resolutions that you can use for your different types of blog images.

Image TypeResolution
Horizontal Images1200 x 630 Pixel
Vertical Images630 x 1200 Pixel
Screenshot Images1280 x 720 Pixel
Background Images1920 x 1080 Pixel
Logo Images200 x 100 Pixel
Author Images500 x 500 Pixel

We have given the best resolutions for all types of images used in the blog in the above table. Your blog must follow these image resolutions to get the highest image traffic on your blog. Keep in mind that the format and memory size of your image is important.

Image PropertyBest Option
FormatWebp / JPEG
Size20 - 200 KB

According to Google guidance webp and jpeg image format is the best choice for blog images as it helps to improve website performance. When you convert your images to this format with the given image resolution then your image size is reduced automatically.

Horizontal Images

The horizontal image of your blog is very important because this image appears in social media posts or as thumbnails when anyone shares your blog content. So you should optimize your horizontal image with the correct size. 1200 x 630 pixels is the best size for horizontal blog images as this size fits most Blogger and WordPress themes and looks good in thumbnails.

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Vertical Images

You should not use vertical images for your blog because it does not rank as well as horizontal images. But if your blog publishes content on niche ideas such as product reviews then you can use vertical images for product pictures. Keep in mind that you should try to use 630 x 1200 pixel image resolution for top ranking on image search for vertical images.

Screenshot Images

There is no fixed size for screenshot images which we can consider as best because it depends on whose screenshot you are taking. But if you want to keep all your horizontal screenshot images in the same size then you can use 1280 x 720 pixel resolution as it suits all types of blogs and experts say it is good for all devices. You can also use different sizes for your screenshot images to make them look better.

Background Images

Sometimes we use images as background for any element in the blog. These images need to be well optimized as they can slow down the loading speed of the website. You should keep the size of this image maximum up to 1980 pixels in width and height as required.

Logo Images

The logo image is shown on the header of your blog as your brand name or symbol. This image must be unique and in a square or horizontal shape. If you are using a platform like Blogger or WordPress to create a blog then the size of the logo image should be 200 x 100 pixels to make it appear properly on the blog.

Author Images

Author image is very important for bloggers because by using it people can know about you. If you want to make your good image and unique identity in blogging then the image of the author is necessary for the blog. You must upload this image with dimensions of less than 500 pixels and in a square shape.

Make images responsive to mobile

Many people might use mobile or tablet devices to read your blog content. That's why you also have to think about mobile users for your blog images. If you want your blog to load fast and smoothly on mobile devices then all your images resolution should be less than 1980 pixels in width and 1080 pixels in height.

Most blogs automatically resize all their images to display the content on mobile devices. After resizing or shrinking images in mobile devices sometimes the main content of the image is not visible properly so keep the main content of the images in the center and with the bigger size.


Your blog image size should be smaller than 200 KB to maintain the performance of your blog, also follow our resolution guide but never compromise with the quality to make images smaller. Because if the image quality of your blog is too low then users will not be able to feel a good experience and your image rank will decrease.


What image size is best for website?

Based on my two years of blogging experience, horizontal images have more chances to rank on top of image results than vertical images. Now the question is which image size is good for a website? The best image size for a website depends on the type and purpose of the images. For example, a blog post image should be at least 1200 pixels wide and 630 pixels tall, while a product image might be 2000 pixels wide and 1500 pixels tall. Test different image sizes to see which one works best for your website.

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