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Median UI 1.7 Premium Responsive Blogger Template

Median UI modern blogger template designed by Jago Desain which is suitable for any type of blog niche.
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Blogger is one of the most popular free blogging platforms provided by Google. You have a large number of blogger template options to design your blog. But most blogger templates do not provide you speed and features both at once. So today we will see about the Median UI Blogger Template which provides you with lots of features of Blog with Fast Loading Speed.

About Median UI

Median UI is a modern and responsive blogger template designed with a Dashboard UI concept. This blogger template is developed by Jago Desain. Median UI is the first modern UI blogger template whose source code has been used to create many other modern themes.

Template NameMedian UI
Latest UpdateVersion 1.6
CategoryAny Blog
DeveloperJago Desain
Price13 USD
Marsal Rating★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Why Median UI?

  • Easy to customize
  • Fully responsive
  • AdSense friendly
  • Fast loading speed
  • SEO optimized
  • Modern design
  • Regular updates
  • Good customer support
  • Detailed documentation

Template Features

Median UI is known for its excellent performance and advanced blog features on the blogger platform. This template provides you fantastic dashboard look with a fast loading speed. This blogger template comes with lots of useful blogging features to help you improve your blog performance and user experience.

Top NavigationYes
Side NavigationYes
Grid ViewYes
List ViewYes
Lazy LoadingYes
Category PostYes
Product PostYes
Sponsered PostYes
Split PostYes
Video PostNo
Custom 404Yes
Dark ModeYes
Table ContentYes
Rating ToolNo
Safelink ToolYes

Blog Design:

Median UI attracts blog readers because of its great dashboard look. The best part is that you can easily customize its complete design as per your requirement. Some edited versions of Median UI are also available on the Internet. Users feel unique and professional because of its side navigation design which is very rare on blog websites.

Loading Speed:

Median UI uses less external JavaScript, making it one of the faster blogger templates. Also, an SVG format has been used for the icons and images to provide a smooth loading experience to the blog visitors. As per our experience, Median UI provides a loading speed of 1.9 seconds on mobile devices and 0.6 seconds on laptop or PC devices.

Post Format:

Median UI support many different post formats like blog post, product post, sponsored post, split post, and full-width post format. All these formats help you to write any type of post according to your blogging niche. You can write your product reviews or advertising posts using the product and sponsored post format to generate affiliate income. You can split your large blog post into different pages through a split post format.

Pages Code:

Median UI comes with many useful source codes for pages which helps you to improve your blog features. The safelink page is one of the critical features of this template which increases your traffic and provides a security tool. You also get pre-build about, contact, and sitemap page source code.


Shortcodes are features that help you to add some important widgets to your blog on the blogger platform through coding. The best thing I like about Median UI is that it provides all the shortcode features used for blogs. You can add features like a code box, image gallery, table, syntax highlighter, spoiler, accordion, download box, and lazy video box to your blog using shortcodes.

Theme Colors:

Median UI supports light and dark modes both. This template has a dark mode button to change the theme in the top navigation. The main color of this template which is used for many things like links, buttons, and hovers effects is blue.


Median UI is a bit more expensive as compared to other blogger templates but it also gives more nice features and experience as compared to others. The price is worth it if you need a Blogger template for a news and educational blog.

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