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Why Should You Link Your Google Ads Account To Search Console?

Linking your Google Ads account to Search Console helps you improve the performance of your ads. Learn how you can connect AdWords to Search Console.
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Hey there! If you're a blogger or digital marketer then you've likely heard of Google Ads and Search Console - two essential tools offered by Google. But did you know that linking your Google Ads account with your Google Search Console (GSC) can bring you some amazing benefits?

In this article, we'll dive into the advantages of connecting your Google Ads and Search Console accounts. We'll walk you through the process and even help you troubleshoot any errors that may pop up. Plus, we'll answer some common questions you might have about this helpful feature. So, let's get started and unlock the full potential of these amazing tools!

Should you link Google Ads Account to Search Console?

Link Google Ads To Search Console

Google Ads and Google Search Console are two powerful tools for digital marketers and bloggers. While each tool has its own purpose and benefits but there is one thing that ties them together and that is data. Linking your Google Ads Account to Search Console can provide invaluable insights into the performance of your ad campaigns.

Linking a Google Ads account to Search Console allows you to see how your ads are performing regarding clicks, costs, conversions, and as well as how they appear in search results in relation to other advertisers. This information can help you optimize your campaigns and make informed decisions about your advertising strategy. Additionally, linking the two accounts can provide insights into how users are reaching your website, whether it be through ads or organic search results.

When you link your two accounts so you not only link your two accounts, but also link your data and performance report of both accounts together which gives you more accurate view of your data. And this is the reason why I am writing a blog on this important topic.

Benefits of linking Google AdWords to GSC

If you're looking to take your digital marketing game to the next level, you'll definitely want to link your Google AdWords account to Google Search Console. Here are just a few of the amazing benefits you'll get:

Performance: You can see how your ads are performing regarding click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate. Your performance report becomes more accurate when data from both accounts are linked. This data can be very valuable regarding optimizing your ad campaigns and making sure your ads are reaching the right people.

Keywords Tracking: You can see which keywords are driving traffic to your website from Google Ads. This data can again be used to optimize your campaigns by targeting the right keywords.

Rank Tracking: Want to know where your ads are appearing on Google search results pages? With your two accounts linked, you can easily view your ads' average position and get a better understanding of your visibility.

Auto Tagging: Linking your Google Ads account to Google Search Console also allows you to use helpful features like auto tagging by seeing past data of your ranking. This can save you a ton of time when setting up and managing your campaigns.

Overall, if you want to get the most out of your ads linking your Google Ads account to Search Console is a good idea. The process is simple and the benefits are numerous. So if you haven't done so already, be sure to link your Google Ads account to your Search Console account today!

How to link AdWords to Google Search Console?

First of all, you need one Google Ads and Search Console account to do this process. Linking your Google Ads account to your Search Console is simple and only takes a few steps to finish. Before that, you need your site to be verified in Search Console. Once you have done that, you can add your site to Google Ads. Here, given some steps to do this:

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account and click the gear icon in the top right.
  2. Select "Linked Accounts" in the drop-down menu.
  3. Click on the "Search Console" tab.
  4. Click on the "+ Add" button next to "Google Search Console."
  5. A popup window will appear and ask you to select the Search Console property you want to link to your Google Ads account. Select the appropriate property from the drop-down menu and click "OK".
  6. You'll be taken back to the Linked accounts page where you'll see that your Search Console property is now linked to your Google Ads account!

Visit the Google Help Center page for detailed steps on how to link your Google Ads account to Search Console.

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Use the Paid and Organic report

One of the most useful reports in Search Console is the Performance report. This report lets you see how your ads are performing regarding click-through rate (CTR) and position. You can also see which queries are triggering your ads and whether those clicks are resulting in conversions.

The Performance report has two sections: Paid and Organic. The Paid section has data about your Google Ads campaigns and the Organic section has data about your website's organic search traffic.

Both sections of the Performance report are useful, but the Paid section is particularly valuable for ad optimization. That's because it provides detailed information on your ads' CTR and position, as well as which queries are triggering your ads. Armed with this data, you can make changes to your campaigns that will boost CTR and improve your ad positions.

The organic section of the performance report is also valuable for you even if you are not running any paid ads because it provides insight into how your website is performing in organic search results. For example, if you notice a drop in organic traffic after making changes to your website, you'll know those changes need to be modified or undone.

How to troubleshoot linking errors

Are you struggling to connect your Google Ads account to Search Console? You're not alone! Many users encounter problems when linking their accounts, but fear not - there are some steps you can take to solve the issue.

First, it's important to check that your account information is accurate and free of errors. A simple typo or missing letter could be the offender, so take a few minutes to double-check your information.

Next, make sure that you have administrative access to both accounts. Without the proper permissions, you won't be able to link the accounts. Remember, your website must also be verified in Google Search Console in order to link the accounts.

Lastly, check that the domain used in the Google Ads account matches the Search Console property. If the domains don't match up, linking the accounts will be impossible.

If you've gone through these troubleshooting steps and still can't connect your accounts, don't worry. Reach out to customer support for additional help - they're always happy to assist you.

So, take a deep breath and let's tackle this issue together. Connecting your Google Ads account to Search Console is a crucial step in improving your website's search engine performance, so let's get it done!

FAQs about linking Google Ads and Search Console

How often should I check the data in Search Console?

Hey there! Just a friendly reminder to keep an eye on your Search Console data at least once a week. If you're running ads or making changes to your website, it's even more important to check the data frequently. Trust me, this will save you a ton of headaches. Regular check-ins will help you catch any issues early on so you can fix them quickly and keep your ads and website running smoothly.

What should I do if I stop using Google Ads?

Hey there! Just a reminder friendly, if you're no longer using Google Ads so don't forget to disconnect it from your Search Console account. It's an easy process. Simply head to the 'Settings' tab in your Google Ads account and click on 'Disconnect from Search Console.' This way, you won't have any lingering connections that you don't need. Hope this helps!

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