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Last Update: 1 Nov 2022

web marsal

Website Disclaimer:

All the information and content of Web Marsal ( are published in good faith and for study or information purposes only. We can also provide the information for educational purposes and it's not harmful to any person or brand.

We are also giving you the 100% right and best content. But any links or backlink of another site on our website is not controlled by us. We are trying to give safe links to our users. But we are not responsible for any issue with other site links.

Content Policy:

We did not use any copyrighted photos or other material on website. If any other site content is used on our site then we always give credit to its owner for those content. Our photos and other materials are not copyrighted and not illegal. Sometimes we use other stock photo libraries and resources with permission to improve our services and it is only for educational purposes not for illegal works. If you want to request to remove any content from so you can send us an email.


If you use our website and services so it means you accept our disclaimer and agree to its terms. You can't disagree with our terms if you want to use these blog services. Make sure you properly read all document pages before using our services and blog.


Should we update or make any changes to this document those documents will be posted here at some time. You will see the notification on top of the blog when we change anything on our website.

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