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Terms And Conditions

Last Update: 1 July 2022

web marsal

Welcome Visitor:

Web Marsal is a blog site and a large community of developers. Our terms and condition represent our rules and regulation for our website which is located on the address domain. You must follow all terms and conditions to use our services and content.


Our site uses cookies to improve website performance and user experience. Cookies are used by our website to enable the functionality of certain areas to make it easier for people visiting our website. Some of our affiliate partners may also use cookies. If you are using our website and services means you accepted our cookies.


Web Marsal's provided content is also licensed under our terms and conditions. You must follow these rules and after you can use our all services and content. Our all content is made by us and it's reserved by Made In Technology company so you cannot use any article content without our permission.

  • Do not copy any articles to publish on another platform.
  • Follow our all terms to use blog tools and services.
  • Contact us if you want to get permission to use blog content.
  • Do not use an AdBlocker and VPN when you are accessing our blog.

Links On Our Websites:

There are some hyperlinks we use in our content to provide our materials and other information. We are using only safe links for our materials and check outside links' safety before adding them to our content. We notify you that we did not give you any spam and hacking links on our all website pages. If you have any problem with links so you can contact us by contact form.

How Content Created:

Web Marsal official website has a lot of internet content like blog articles, blog images, tools, and other website features. We are creating this content with the help of our team and partners. You can also publish your content on our website by joining our partner program events which allow you to join our work. You can contact us through contact page to join our partner program.

All content published on the website is owned by Made In Technology company. But it is free for all to access the blog articles and use our tools. Just you need to accept our terms and conditions to use it. You can also hyperlink our content on secure sites to provide this content or tools to your users and followers.


We inform you that you can't publish content with our website content iframes. You need to contact our author to get the rights to use iframes. If you make any iframe of our content on the internet without our permission so your account and domain are blocked by us and giving you a report for it.

Your Privacy:

You should read about your privacy on our websites from the privacy policy page. The link is given at the end of the page.

Content Removal:

If you find any offensive link on our website for any reason so you can contact us anytime. We respond to you in a few days and try to solve your problem or remove that link. You can request us to remove any unfair content or materials from the website by giving us the proper reason for it on our contact form.

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